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Fashion on a Budget 

Keeping up with trends and always looking on point can be a burden on your bank account, but what if there was a way for you to look great without diving deep into your pockets? Luckily for you, I have more than a few tips and tricks that will help you to save, while still looking your very best. Since there’s no fun in keeping these tips to myself, I thought I’d share them with you so that we can all look fantastic together. 

Discount Stores & Opportunity Shops 

Shopping in discount stores and opportunity shops is a tried and tested way to pick up fashionable clothes for much less than you might find elsewhere. To get the best out of shopping in opportunity shops, try to visit ones that are in fancier or more up-class areas, as these are more likely to have the higher-end clothes that you’re looking for. Since you can often pick up these clothes for much less, it can be worth buying something that isn’t quite right and then making adjustments on it yourself at home. You should never be scared to break the needle and thread out if it is going to help you save a nice stack of dollars. 

Follow Sales 

Sales can be the best way to pick up branded fashion items for deep, deep discounts, but they’re also high profile which means that you’ll be fighting off everyone else trying to get a saving. To get a little bit of an advantage and head start, it is worth following sales online and keeping track of the dates and types of discounts that will be on offer.  

Another way to keep up to date with sales and discounts is to visit sale aggregation sites. You can often find regular savings on fashion with just a quick search. 

Auctions & Trades 

Online auctions and trades have become a great way to pick up on-trend items for less. Sites like eBay give you a really good opportunity to get in a lower bid, and while it might take a couple of attempts, you can usually grab some pretty good stuff for much less than you would normally pay.  

Fashion trading on websites like Yordrobe is also a good way to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money. Regularly swapping out parts of your wardrobe will help you to keep looking great and on trend, without having to fork out for new clothes. 

Check Your Wardrobe! 

Before you head out the door to look for ways to save on your fashion purchases, it is well worth your time to turn back around and have a good dig through your wardrobe. You can often be surprised at the outfits and clothes that you have completely forgotten about, and since fashion is so often cyclical, you might just find something that has just come back into trend. 

If you can get their permission, don’t be scared to go diving into your parent’s older clothes as well – you might just find an embarrassing dad jumper from the 90s that has somehow become the most on-point piece of clothing in your collection. 

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