My Designer Wish List 

When I choose to spend a fair bit of money on fashion I try my hardest to eschew overhyped designer brands in favour of bespoke pieces, because generally I’d like to think if I’m spending over a certain amount of money on an item then it hasn’t been mass produced and sold everywhere. Despite this, just like everyone else, I sometimes find myself staring at a particular designer fashion for long periods of time, just dreaming about buying it. 

Well, today, unfortunately, those dreams are going to stay dreams, but I’ll give them a little bit of life by nattering away to you about the items on my designer wish list. 

Gucci Bee Brooch 

One of my bigger gripes with some designer labels is that they’re normally quite eager to slap their logo all over everything, even if the logo detracts from the overall design. Since I’m into fashion for how it looks and not who makes it, this can be a pretty big deal breaker for me. Usually, Gucci is one of the biggest culprits of this type of in your face branding, but it is mercifully not the case on this stunning brooch. 

To put it simply: I like bees, and this is a bee-shaped brooch. What’s not to love? 

Celine Belt Bag 

This belt bag manages to hit the line between functional and visually interesting perfectly. At a glance, it can seem like a normal bag, but when you look a little bit closer, the use of loops and the central belt give it a varied look and distinct silhouette. As an extra bonus for me, this bag’s logo is also minimal. 

Missoma Body Language 

I’m a big fan of clothes and accessories that speak to who you are as a person or that contribute to an overall picture of your style, and these pendants certainly perform that function well. Pairing with illustrator Fee Greening, Missoma has produced a series of pendants that are reminiscent of devotional saint medals and astrological signs, while still striking their own individual style. 

Max Mara Madame Coat 

The trench coat has been an iconic part of fashion for decades and many different variants have come in and out of style. Resurrecting a style from the middle of the 20th century, Max Mara has brought an air of distinction to this iconic jacket that maintains its ubiquitous comfort and flexibility in all outfits. This is high on my list to wear with outfits in the colder months. 

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