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What to Wear to a Job Interview 

Job interviews are all about those crucial first impressions, and with so much more on your mind, it can be a smidge stressful to have to think about your appearance on top of everything else. To help make things that bit easier for you on those stressful interview days, I’m going to go through a few tips and tricks of what to avoid wearing, as well as giving you some outfit recommendations to try out. 

What Not to Wear 

  • Eye-catching accessories – wearing a chunky necklace or large earrings might be your usual style, but for a job interview, they can be a little bit too much – overwhelming the rest of your outfit and taking too much attention away from the most important thing, you. 
  • Short hemlines/deep necklines – I’m sure you’re already aware that wearing a dress or skirt with a short hemline, or a top with a deep neckline, isn’t the most appropriate attire for an interview, but it’s worth reminding you just in case. With job interviews, it is always best to err on the side of conservatism, as long as you don’t go too far over the line into a boring or uninspired outfit. 
  • Overly casual – depending on the type of job that you are going for, casual attire might actually be appropriate, but in the vast majority of cases it is best to get yourself a little more dressed up. 
  • Heavy scents – you might love your signature perfume or scent, but that doesn’t mean that your interviewer will! Go easy on fragrances and you’ll help to avoid turning off your interviewer before you even get the chance to open your mouth. 

Outfit Ideas 

  • Blazer, blouse and cigarette pants – Simple, dignified and professional. This combo will see you through most interviews and it has enough flexibility that you can add a bit more personality with your choice of blouse and shoes if you want to leave more of an impression without overwhelming. 
  • Dress and flats – Comfortable and elegant. A flattering dress and smart flats are great interview standbys. Just make sure to avoid inappropriate hemlines/necklines and try to keep the design toned down too. Finish this off with a smart cardigan for a more restrained look. 
  • Signature jacket, blouse and pencil skirt – Bold and memorable. Keeping things simple with a toned-down blouse and smart pencil skirt, a signature jacket gives you the freedom to really leave your mark and make yourself known. It can be easy to take this too far, so make sure that you’re comfortable and that your chosen signature style isn’t too much for your interviewer. 


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